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Making coffee blends is an ancient family tradition that has been passed down 3 generation and has its roots in 1931.
80 years ago, in fact, our ancestor Domenico Traina, master coffee roaster, founded the first shop in Piazza Santa Teresa in Palermo.
In 1940 he moves to Via Cantavespri where, after having mastered all the right tecniques, he passes them down to his children.
Today at the head of the roasting company is Domenico’s grandson who bears the same name as his grandfather.
The attention of Traina Coffee is focused on offering to the customers a modern product that is the fruit of an ancient tradition.
Traina Coffee strenghts nowdays are the evolution of the taste, the direct relationship with the customers and the continuous pursuit of new ways of living and interpreting the coffee.
The aim is that of offering a high-quality product with an exemplary taste and fragrance investing in excellence, innovation and experience.

(The shop in via Cantavespri, Palermo)
Via Gioacchino di Marzo, 19/B - 90144 Palermo
Tel./Fax +39.0916571224 | info@caffetraina.it
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